How does Chennai Super Kings’s setup for IPL 2018 auction look like ?

The 2-day auction affair will occur on 27th and 28th January, 2018. It’s going to be an interesting affair given that we have pretty much an open auction with added spice of retentions & RTM cards. 

How does the available budget and retained players look like ?

CSK has a total budget of 47 crores to spend post the retentions with them requiring to purchase a minimum of 15 more players and maximum 22. CSK have retained MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina & Ravindra Jadeja  

How might CSK’s 11 player team look like ?  

     The broad categories of playing eleven :

  • Indian Batsman : 4
  • Foreign Batsman : 1
  • Indian All-Rounder : 2
  • Foreign All-Rounder : 1
  • Indian Bowler : 2 (1 Spin + 1 Fast Bowler) 
  • Foreign Bowler : 1 
The expenditure is in 74.6 Cr including the retentions. This should leave CSK gets 5.4 Cr left to fill in the backup options of 7 more players to both meet the minimum squad size requirements and back-up positions in-case of injury or other exigencies. 

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