Video: Ajit Agarkar raises his bat after scoring a single and breaking his 7 consecutive ducks streak

When it comes to cricket banter, Australian and English crowds are undoubtedly the best. They keep trying to toy with the opposition players and get a reaction out of them. Since India will be facing Aussie challenge down under starting 21st this month, we have found a video that is surely going to leave you in splits.

It was the 1st test in 2003 series when India had gone to Australia to play a 4 test match series. Ajit Agarkar had scored 7 consecutive ducks in a row. The Indian all-rounder had to face Stuart McGill. The first delivery hit his pads and everyone thought he was again going to get out on a duck.

Agarkar scored a single off that delivery. The Australian crowd laughed out loud and Agarkar appreciated the humor by raising his bat. Even the commentators couldn’t stop themselves laughing.

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