Dhoni out and Rohit Sharma in middle order? – Picking India’s best possible XI for World Cup 2019

World Cup 2019 does not seem so far away now. With the cricket’s biggest event just 8 months away, the inevitable talk has officially begun – What is India’s best possible XI for World Cup 2019?

Should MS Dhoni play or is it time to give Rishabh Pant a try? Too soon for Pant? Even we thought so. We have come up with what should be India’s best possible XI for World Cup 2019.

Here is India’s best possible XI for World Cup 2019 –

Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma – Opening pair


Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan – This is India’s best opening pair. World Cup 2019 will be played in England & Wales. England – This duo’s favourite hunting country. Here in England, the openers score runs in abundance  in ODIs. Just not in tests.

Dhawan is a menace in England. The left handed batsman was the top scorer in Champions Trophy 2013 and Champions Trophy 2017. Connect the dots, will you? Both the editions of Champions Trophy were held in England.

A lot of how India fares will depend on if these two can set the tone for the rest of India’s batting lineup. No changing and chopping should happen at the top if India wants to lift the trophy.

Kohli, KL Rahul & Rayudu – India’s middle order


We have kept it fairly simple. Kohli comes one down with KL Rahul and Rayudu to follow the skipper.

No rocket science. No permutations and combinations. We have just gone with what is, by looks, a very strong middle order. Rayudu provides the much needed stability if things do not go according to the plan.

There should no tinkering with the #3 position. Virat Kohli is the best batsman in the world right now and he should face the music rather than KL Rahul.

The question is – If there is no place for Dhoni, who will be behind the stumps then?

It’s simple – KL Rahul. He should start keeping more often now. Dhoni dropped senior players like Ganguly and Dravid in CB series 2008. He thought they weren’t good in fielding and did not much value to the team overall. Describing them as ‘liabilites’, MS Dhoni’s Men In Blue won that tri-series. Times have changed and MS Dhoni isn’t the same what he was.

Now it is upto Shashtri and Kohli to make the decision whether they pick players on merit or reputation.

If KL Rahul gets injured, THEN?

Rishabh Pant. Look no further. He has been fierce in his approach

Kedar Jadhav and Hardik Pandya – All rounders


In the all-rounders section, we have gone with Kedar Jadhav and Hardik Pandya. You can trust Jadhav with the bat and he can surely do wonders with the ball as well on his day.

Pandya is the most obvious pick of them all. If Pandya is having a bad day with the ball, Jadhav can chip in with his off break bowling.

Ravindra Jadeja is another good choice if one of these two get injured.

Bhuvneshwar, Bumrah, Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav – The bowling unit

Chahal and Kuldeep

One thing that India missed in last 20-25 years was a reliable bowling attack, however, it is not the same case now. Sachin Tendulkar in one of his interviews praised the Indian bowlers with the highest compliment. He said – “This is the most complete fast-bowling attack that India have had in many many years. In my assessment, this attack would go as one of the best.”

Jasprit Bumrah is No. 1 in ICC bowling rankings (ODIs) while the left arm spinner Kuldeep Yadav is not far behind as he is No. 3.

India have a potent bowling attack and they can go on a rampage on their day.

Let us know your opinions and starting XI in comments. Join the conversation and use #WorldCup2019WithPSL

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15 comments on “Dhoni out and Rohit Sharma in middle order? – Picking India’s best possible XI for World Cup 2019

  1. Might be golden Dhoni era is gone but dhoni is still the backbone of the team atleast upto the 2019 WC. The way he guides the team is still most valuable thing in any team and don’t forget he is not finished yet and still has the capability of winning the vital matches for India. If I am to be honest the way Indian top order bats is out of this world right now. That is why the middle and lower is hardly needed. They are required only in rare moments when top order collapses or needing 20-30 runs to win for them. So Dhoni spends much less time in the middle like he used to 2-3 years ago. I am not to blame the top order as they are playing another level of cricket. On the other hand I don’t understand the approach of the BCCI and team management for streanthening the middle order by giving so many chances to Dk. No doubt he is a great player but playing a wicket keeper batsman ,instead a proper batsman, at the middle order while the 1st WK(Dhoni) doing enogh is very much questinable and specially when WC is so near. If u wanted to play a 2nd wicket keeper batsman then why did u go for DK over pant??? We all have seen the performances of each player over last few months and if u still don’t select Pant in the squad especially after the Asia cup, I think it would be weak point for India if looses the WC. Rather than the squad is the best to beat any team on any part of the world in white ball cricket.

  2. Umang singhal

    Dhoni should be there in the 2019 wc as he is a gud finisher. He can win matches in crunch situations too

  3. Sai Srinivas

    We can use dhoni’s experience as he had won many icc cups and he is still in good shape as a wicket keeper

  4. My team:


  5. PAVAN kumar

    If dhoni is not in squad….. 80% of fans in India won’t even watch or support team india…. Dhoni contribution to team india is required …..





  7. Dhoni is still the best wicket keeper in the world & he can only play as a wckt keeper in any team. . But the concern is his batting is not up-to the standard in the last year surely because he doesn’t get that much opportunity in that heavy Top order scoring most often. I believe he still has potential in his batting.My bet dhoni at No. 5 & Pant should play alongside him at no. 6……Kl Rahul at no. 4.
    Rayadu, Jadhav are injury scared players…. Considering their age & fitness it’s a waste of time to invest on them. Rather invest on players like Shreyas IYAR.

  8. If dhoni would have been the captain, i swear he won’t keep the prayers like him in the team.
    He dropped so many legendary playes like ganguly, Dravid, sehwag, laxman, Yuvraj, zeheer, harbhajan, gambhir…. Because of bad form, foor fielding. From this prospect i can say dhoni is much much better captain than kohli.
    Poor kohli still keeps dhoni.

  9. My playing 11

  10. No 4 position prithvi saw is best. No 5 Raydu & Rahul no 6 Dhoni/pant,no 7 kedhar our pandya & Jadeja.This is the best combination of world cup.

  11. JEET singh

    Abhi picture baaki hai dosto….. SIR DHONI

  12. My best 11
    5-Rishabh pant/Raydu

  13. Rohit Sharma
    Shekar Dhawan
    KL Rahul
    Virat Kohli
    Rishabh Pant
    Kedar Jadav
    Hardik Pandya
    Ravindra Jadeja
    Bhuneshvar Kumar
    Kuldeep Yadav
    Jasprit Bhumra

  14. When we talk in terms of consistency the likes of KL rahul kedhar jadhav Manish pande nobody shown till now even suresh raina too but I support later in this in terms of consistency he is better than those three and more importantly he has experience with that..thats sounds good I think

  15. My playing eleven.. Rohit, dhavan, kohli, raydu, jadhav, pant, pandya, bumrah, bhuvneshvar, kuldeep, chahal.

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