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What is ProSportsLeague?

ProSportsLeague is a sports fan engagement platform, focusing on sports prediction games, sports content and fan interaction. We are the only platform in India to provide a real time cricket trading simulation game allowing users to be rewarded based on their prediction and analytical skills.

How to play?

  • Every user is given fixed number of credits after joining the match.
  • Theses credits are used to buy/sell the players playing the match.
  • Player prices are determined by our “Sports Prediction Model” and is updated with each ball played.
  • Buy/sell a player if you think it will over-perform or under-perform.
  • Users with maximum number of credits at the end of match will be declared winners.

For more details, please check out our support articles available here.

What is PSL Contest?

PSL Contest is one of the most exciting and rewarding contest designed for the cricketing fans all over the world. It is a 30-day event packed with the most thrilling and highly anticipated cricket matches spanning across all game formats (Tests, ODIs and T20s).

  • Timeline: 30th Aug – 28th Sept, 2018
  • Total Matches: 2 Tests, 13 ODIs, 5 T20s
    • Ind vs Eng Test Series
    • Asia Cup, 2018
    • CPL, 2018
    • KPL, 2018

What are the rewards?

The contest has been designed to reward not only for their performance but also for their passion and love towards cricket.

1. Performers of the Month

Performers of the month

  • Total prize worth 2,50,000 INR

    • Top 1000 users will be rewarded based on their 5 best match performances
    • Distribution table
RankRewardPositionsTotal Reward
4 - 105,000735,000
11 - 202,0001020,000
21 - 501,0003030,000
51 - 1005005025,000
101 - 20020010020,000
201 - 50010030030,000
501 - 100050500 25,000
  • Eligibility:

    • Users will have to play at least 5 matches during the contest period.
    • Users will have to take at least one trade in a match to be counted as a valid match participation

2. Match Rewards

Match rewards

  • Total prize worth 2,00,000 INR

    • Total 20 contests with a prize money of approx. 10,000 INR per contest
    • Top 100 users will be rewarded based on their match performance

3. Fan of the Day/Week

Fan of the day week

  • Total Prize worth 50,000 INR

    • 500 INR worth of prize for “Fan of the Day”
    • 5,000 INR worth of prize for “Fan of the Week”
  • Winners* will be decided on the basis of:

    • Total App Installs by Referrals
    • Time spent on the App
    • Social Engagement

Terms and conditions

Please visit here to check out the applicable terms and conditions for the PSL Contest.

ProSportsLeague reserves the right to

  • Amend, modify, cancel any and all terms applicable to the PSL Contest, and various rewards and/or benefits offered under it.
  • Not allow a customer to participate, or be part of the PSL Contest if found to be ineligible as per Terms and Conditions revised periodically.
  • Evict/disallow a customer from further participation in the PSL Contest if found to be ineligible as per Terms and Conditions revised periodically.

*  A user can win a daily and weekly fan award only one time during the contest.